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"Your book and breathing technique has solved a medical problem that I've suffered from for over 12 years."  Tom McCarthy, Hawaii

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Welcome to Perfect Breathing!

What is Perfect Breathing? It is a practical, powerful pathway to better living. It is as simple as that! It is not some unattainable state that requires a lifetime of practice and sacrifice, but a potent source of energy that you can start taking advantage of right now today to dramatically impact your health, performance, and emotions.

Guest Blog for Wego Healthy Weight Week

Check out our guest blog for the Wego Healthy Weight Week blog site, entitled "Your Best Year Ever -- One Breath at a Time!" Wego


Putting Mindful Breathing to Work: Respiratory Training with Julie Gudmestad

Breathing, performance improvement, running, cycling, mindfulness, sportsIn one of our recent blog posts, we focused on the remarkable impact that breathing has on your performance, specifically, how focusing on training your respiratory muscles can result in dramatic performance improvement – in the neighborhood of 15 percent or more (read previous post).

Today’s article provides another piece of the puzzle - helping you understand how you can put this information to use in your own practice by strengthening your respiratory muscles, using simple techniques that take only a few minutes a day.

To help us gain a deeper understanding of how this all works and how we can safely train the breathing muscles, we enlisted the help of good friend, gifted yoga instructor, physical therapist, and long-time Yoga Journal contributor, Julie Gudmestad.

U of O's Ethos magazine touts mindful breathing's benefits

Our very  own Al Lee is part of a new story in the latest edition of the University of Oregon's Ethos magazine.

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Breathing and Peak Performance

When noted Karate Sensei Keisuke Miyagi was training one of his students, he made it a point to teach this lesson: “Breathe in through nose.  Out through mouth.  Don’t forget to breathe - very important.”  As it turns out, he was on to something when it comes to athletic training.

NY Times reports on new breath app for stressed students

We've said it before and we'll likely say it several thousand more times: Stress is evil and your breath can help beat it. And good news on the technology front - now Stanford University's  Institute of Design offers a class called "Designing Calm," a graduate-level course that's part of an emerging field that seeks to "alleviate stress by embedding mindfulness into the devices that pervade contemporary life."

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