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"Your book and breathing technique has solved a medical problem that I've suffered from for over 12 years."  Tom McCarthy, Hawaii

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Breathing and Energy Management

It is not unusual to hear people talking about “time management.” Most of us try to jam far too much into the hours available to us, thinking that if we could more effectively manage every single second of our day, we could finally catch up and relax.

Late breaking news flash: It’s not going to happen.

Your Best Year Ever - One Breath at a Time!

We're reprinting this by popular demand. Hope your new year is a good one!

Ah, New Year's! A time of renewal, fresh starts, invigorated goals and the best of intentions! No matter what your goals and aspirations are for the new year ahead, there is one small yet powerful change you can add to your list that can help you in reaching all of your other goals – whether improved health, a higher level of fitness, or just getting more out of life is what you seek. That one small change is learning to use your breath.

Does Breathing Help Pain Management?

We've come back to this topic a number of times as new information arises, but this one clearly takes the cake. Countless people have shared personal stories of how the breath can be used to manage pain, and many women point to their experiences with childbirth as a prime example, but I'm voting for this gentleman as the new poster-child for breathing and pain management.

Can Breathing Grow Your Brain?

I thought that would catch your attention. It sure caught ours and the answer appears to be “yes!” 

Deepak Chopra on Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I’d be willing to bet that nearly everyone reading this post knows someone who has a problem with anxiety and panic attacks. It is the rare occurrence when this topic is not brought up at one of our “Perfect Breathing” trainings or seminars. It is a problem that seems to be exploding in our “modern” society, especially among women (although it may be the men just won’t admit to it).

Perfect Breathing, Breathslim, on LifeTime Channel

We were recently invited to appear on Lifetime channels morning show “The Balancing Act” along with our friends at Breathslim, and author Pam Grout to talk about how the breath can dramatically impact all of the different dimensions of your life – your health, performance, and emotions(detailed in our book "Perfect Breathing").

Finding the Center of the Storm - One Reader's Story

Hubert Strang - New ZealandNot too long ago we received an inspiring letter from a gentleman in New Zealand and thought it was something worth sharing as it very much speaks to the transformational power of breath awareness and conscious breathing.

Breathing to Lose Weight? The BreathSlim Review

We recently had the opportunity to review a new breathing device called BreathSlim that claims to help users loose unwanted pounds by just using the power of the breath. Most everyone is skeptical when they hear these kinds of claims, so we were happy to have a chance to use the device and see for ourselves.


More Evidence Tying Stress to Heart Attack & Stroke

I’m not sure that we actually needed more evidence, but this is pretty compelling.
One of the problems with tying chronic stress and stressful events to heart attack and stroke is that the chemical markers associated with stress are usually gone by the time anyone starts looking for them after a heart attack or stroke.

But research conducted by Dr. Gideon Koren and Stan Van Uum of the University of Western Ontario shows that our hair stores a record of these markers and can provide an accurate history of stress in our lives and especially stressful events that lead to heart attack and stroke.

Perfect Breathing on the Holistic Success Show

Our interview with Dr. Robert Puff and Elizabeth Lozano on the Holistic Success Show recently aired on Discovery Channel's FitTV. We covered a lot of ground during the 9 minute interview - meditation, sports performance, and the effects that breathing has on your emotional intelligence.  It aired bright and early at 5:30 AM on the east coast (which made it 2:30 AM out here on the west coast), so in case you missed it (which I'm pretty sure you did), it is now available on demand through the miracle of the internet.