Perfect Breathing

Pace Breathing

This exercise can be used to counteract the symptoms of PMS and menopause and provide an added measure of control over these aggravating conditions.

Pace breathing is one exercise that’s been shown to be effective, in that with it you pace your breathing until the flash passes. Take slow, deep, full breaths, gently inhaling and exhaling at the rate of 6 to 8 breaths per minute rather than the average of 15 breaths per minute. Focus on the air going in and out. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for 5 seconds and then exhale slowly and completely for 5 seconds.

When you inhale, breathe into the bottom of your lungs. Your abdomen should expand as you breathe in and contract as you breathe out. As you inhale and exhale keep your rib cage still. If possible, practice every morning and evening for 15 minutes, and employ this technique immediately when you feel a hot flash coming on.

Our foundational Six-Second Breath works as well.