Perfect Breathing

"I'm happy to report that I'm off of anxiety medication for the first time in six years, simply by paying attention to my breathing." JB, Virginia

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It is finally here! For those of you who have been wishing for a version of our breath-changing workbook that can be used on your mobile devices - wish no more! This is our great 28-day workbook now in digital format, delivered daily to your inbox! Learn more...

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Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life  One Breath At a Time

This is the book that started it all! Learn the powerful techniques of mindful breathing and watch the dramatic changes that reach across all dimensions of your life. Learn more...

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Perfect Breathing Workbook:
A 28-Day Transformation to Better Living

This 28-day transformational program will help you discover the power of mindful breathing and develop the habit of breath awareness. Learn more...

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Perfect Breathing: Guided Breathing for Better Living CD

8 guided sections of gentle music and narration for improved relaxation, health & healing, creativity, performance improvement, emotional health and more. Learn more...

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